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The Lockeport area contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the province. In addition to Crescent and Buchanan’s beaches which are located right off your front porch at Seaside Cottages, there are a number of beaches that are within a short walk or drive from our location.

Crescent Beach Crescent Beach

This is considered the main beach in the Loop area. It is over a mile long, and is made up of soft white sand. It is also home to large flocks of sandpipers and other shore birds during the summer. The beach is considered to be one of the most attractive in Canada, and was once featured on the $50 bill.  Find it on Google Maps

Buchanan's Beach Buchanan's Beach

This beach is secluded and private, yet close enough to the main beach to be easily accessed. It is located just beyond Ginger Hill (the hill on the western end of Crescent Beach). Find it on Google Maps

Col. Locke's Beach Col. Locke's Beach

This beach is a favourite picnicking spot for many of our visitors. At low tide you are able to walk across the sand flats to Cranberry Island. When the tide comes up, you will truly be alone on the island where you can explore the forest, have a picnic and watch the fishing boats as they leave the harbour. Find it on Google Maps

Freddy's Beach Freddy's Beach

Located across the road from the Locke Family homestead and the historic streetscape, this beach is the perfect place to launch a kayak or other small boat. This beach is situated right in the middle of the harbour giving visitors the ability to explore the wharves, or venture beyond the breakwater to explore the bay. Find it on Google Maps

Louis Head Beach Louis Head Beach

This beach is formed by a large sand bar that extends across the mouth of the Sable River. It is over 2 miles long and is home to many animals, including the endangered piping plover. During nesting season (summer) we ask that you keep your pets on their leashes while you enjoy this beach. Find it on Google Maps

Rockland's Beaches Rockland's Beaches

Rockland is a beach comber’s paradise. With numerous sheltered rock beaches, you will find many exciting things nestled in the shore line, including ducks and the occasional seal. Rockland is also home to a number of sand beaches, boasting some of the best tasting clams in the region!

Black Point Beach Black Point Beach

This massive rock beach is great for those keen to explore. It is seldom disturbed by anyone, and is a great place to look for sea glass and other hidden treasures. Find it on Google Maps (3186 W Sable Rd, Sable River)

Carter's Beach Carter's Beach

Located off Exit 21 in Port Mouton, Carter’s Beach consists of three beautiful sand beaches, one more beautiful than the next. This a great spot for collecting sand dollars at low tide. Find it on Google Maps (89 Carters Beach Rd, Port Mouton)